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Our Mission

Lax & Stevens is, above all, a service business. While we know that disputes are an inevitable aspect of the construction industry, our goal is to make them less of a disruption and expense for our clients.

We work with clients to establish goals, agree on strategy, project future costs, determine a schedule and monitor the progress of the case. Our intent with these details is to, as much as possible, avoid unpleasant surprises for our clients.

How We Work With Clients

Throughout the litigation process, attention to detail, efficiency, timeliness and continuity characterize our relationship with our clients:

bullet Attention To Detail includes getting things right the first time.

bullet Efficiency means having a plan at the outset, avoiding unnecessarily expensive and non-productive discovery battles, and using the right people for the task. From law clerks to senior partner, matters are assigned to the person who can accomplish the task most efficiently.

bullet Timeliness is as important in litigation as it is in construction. From the beginning of a project, contractors have a schedule and a budget, and they monitor their performance against those markers. Lax & Stevens applies the same principles to litigation. At the outset of any significant matter, we prepare a schedule and a projected budget, with input from our client. This practice helps us to keep the case under control, both on schedule and on budget. When things change, the plan or the budget may have to be adjusted—as they are, at times, on a construction project. However, we involve our client in any changes that become necessary.

bullet Continuity is an often overlooked element in providing legal services. The team assigned to a case stays together. Clients will not have the frustration of a rotation of attorneys assigned to their case. Our attorneys have a history of working together and there is rarely a need to change the attorneys assigned to a case.

Building Long-Term Relationships

In every encounter with clients, our goal is to create a relationship in which they choose to return to Lax & Stevens whenever there is a need for counsel because they have received excellent service and the best possible outcome.

We are proud to note that Paul Lax has represented some of our clients for more than 25 years. These clients rely on our firm for a variety of services, including contract review, employment-related matters, bid protests, claims for additional compensation, subcontractor lawsuits and owner claims of breach of contract.


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